What makes VELUX Daylight Academic Forum special? 


Controversially to the stressful exams, where the students are judged for their knowledge, the VELUX Daylight Academic Forum creates a friendly, supportive and encouraging atmosphere to strengthen your work and identify unique points of research based on constructive feedback.


“You don’t have a feeling it is judged or criticized, you have a feeling that everybody tries to help you and make your work better” – Aicha Diakite, PhD student Technische Universität Berlin


The VELUX Daylight Academic Forum provides you with an opportunity to improve your research paper by focusing on the research methods and purpose rather than results.


“A lot of conferences focus on results and there is very little time for the discussions how you arrive there” – Steve Fotios, Professor at University of Sheffield


It is an excellent environment for you to enhance your network, meet future colleagues and share interesting ideas with people from your research field with no registration or admittance fee.



Why do you need to participate?


This year as in previous events you will have individual presentations of each research project in smaller groups, as well as constructive discussions with scientific experts providing you with valuable feedback and guidance.


What will you lose?


  • Questions related to your project
  • The feeling of being alone on this journey


What will you gain?


  • More confidence in your work
  • Answers related to your research
  • New ideas and valuable feedback for your research development
  • Expanded network within your area


Register for VELUX Daylight Academic Forum


If you wish to participate in this year’s VELUX Daylight Academic Forum please submit a short abstract  – around 500 words or less – to thedaylightsite@velux.com. Deadline is June 1st, 2019. The abstract should be a summary of your thesis with more focus on the research methods and the purpose rather than results. The VELUX Daylight Academic Forum is free of charge with no registration or admittance fee for students.



Where and when?


8 October 2019 in Paris, the exact location and the list of scientific experts will be announced later, please check updates on www.thedaylightsite.com

More about the VELUX Daylight Academic Forum here