Living Places – a new way of thinking about buildings

At VELUX, we believe it’s time to rethink how buildings can help resolve global climate and health challenges through sustainable solutions and practical action.


Together with our partners EFFEKT and MOE we set out to make an impact in the building industry. An industry accounting for up to 40% of global energy consumption and CO2 emissions. A platform for investors, contractors, engineers, architects, and other specialist experts to join forces in a pioneering, multidisciplinary initiative that reconnects people and the planet.

Welcome to Living Places Copenhagen - an experimental living environment set out to demonstrate that we do not have to wait for future technology to move and improve people’s lives while being regenerative for the planet. 


Living Places will be open to visitors in the 1st quarter of 2023 in Copenhagen when the city takes on the title of the World Capital of Architecture. This site offers a platform for following the Living Places experiment as it develops until its opening. We will be continuously updating this page with new information about the construction, and achieved parameters. Sign up to the newsletter to stay up to date with the project.

5 principles

With Living Places, we want to inspire – and prove that change is possible right now. Based on five key principles which can be applied to any home, community or city, we seek to create homes that are scalable, affordable and commercially viable. 


Each material, design and building technique is carefully considered to reduce environmental impact and improve human health.


The project aims at demonstrating that it is possible to achieve 3x lower carbon footprint emissions and 3 times better indoor climate than in an average Danish single family house, at an affordable and scalable level. 


We don’t have to wait for the advancement of technology to accomplish this. We have all the knowledge and technology we need right now for the building industry to create responsible and regenerative solutions.

Icons Healthy


What if we could build homes that are healthy for both people and the planet?

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Icons Shared


What if we could strengthen our sense of community by rethinking how we live?

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Icons Simple


What if a new way of building can enable easy upgrades and a longer lifespan?

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Icons Adaptive


What if we can create homes that respond to more ways of living?

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Icons Scalable


What if by rethinking the way we design, plan and finance homes, we could unlock housing for the many?

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The experiment

Launching in 2023, the first manifestation of Living Places will be displayed at the World Capital of Architecture in the heart of Copenhagen. The exhibition will contain seven prototypes – five open pavilions and two completed homes – showcasing our proposition for healthy low carbon homes and communities. Each prototype will have its own specific program, curated to show the synergy between how we live in homes, in communities, and the role of buildings herein. 

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Latest news

Living Places Press Release Launch
26th September 2022
Living Places 'First turn' ceremony

Living Places construction officially started in Copenhagen on 30 August 2022.

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