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About the LKR Innovation House

LKR Innovation House represents the longstanding commitment of The VELUX Group to innovation, sustainability and renovation linked to our founder's vision, values and philosophy.

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Render: Praksis Architects



Flexibility is key in the design of the LKR Innovation House. The entire space has been created to adapt to changing needs. The modular system can be re-configured into alternate workshops and office layouts. This means teams can pick and choose to use the house as they please - piecing together their days with the spaces that best support the tasks at hand. A natural and adaptive indoor climate further provides the frame for a comfortable and optimal working environment.

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A strong and dedicated team with a broad range of competencies within architecture, design, spatial planning and engineering, among others, have contributed to a building that benefits people and the planet.

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LKR Innovation House invites the outside in. Situated in Østbirk, Denmark, the house draws inspiration from its natural landscape, rich flora and fauna, and the abundance of green space. This merging of nature and good craftsmanship creates an atmosphere of creativity and innovation.

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27 Feb 2023
VELUX Group begins construction of LKR Innovation House

Today marks the beginning of the creation of one central location for future VELUX product innovation.

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