Group CHAPTER ONE With Subs

2023 - Articles


Chapter 1 - Build for Life Hackathon 2023


Louise Østergaard Pedersen

Olesja Lami

Waldemar Grendatsch

Sourabh Jogalekar

Construction and demolition waste, comprising materials like concrete, metal, glass etc. significantly impacts the environment and carbon footprint. Disposal and management pose environmental threats such as landfill use, resource depletion, greenhouse gas emissions, air/water pollution and more.

To address this, a focus on recycling and reuse is crucial. In Denmark, annually demolishing 2-3 million m2 of buildings offers a substantial potential resource bank. However, the challenge lays in a lack of knowledge about available materials. Chapter 1 proposes turning building waste into a resource by making material labelling mandatory and creating a material catalogue by developing a methodology involving mapping processes and AI databases. Utilizing technologies like LIDAR, GPR-radar, infrared thermal cameras, and drones, data will inform an AI platform to categorize buildings for salvage or recycling, fostering circular architecture and sustainable design.