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2023 - Articles


ShowUp - Build for Life Hackathon 2023


Marco Viscolani

Kate Gayler

Maria Risager

ShowUp was formed around the premise of focusing on what we believe is the most important part of buildings: the people. Our living spaces can be linked to more health implications than most of us realize, whether that be from uncomfortable temperatures or high pollution concentrations. In the design space, this is more widely known but often lacks consideration during the design process. Thus, solving this issue begins with empowering building occupants with this knowledge and incentivizing designers to make it a priority.

To do this, we’ve developed the concept for a simple Home Health & Wellness assessment tool that, based on a variety of inputs about a building or a particular apartment, will provide scores for three drivers of indoor health & wellbeing: Indoor Environmental Quality, Environmental Health, and Social Structure. In addition, the reasoning behind the score will be described and action items listed for improving the living environment. Designing and maintaining healthier places for people starts with empowering them to understand how their spaces may impact them and create a demand. As designers, we want to show up for the demands of current and future building occupants alike.