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2023 - Articles


Barefoot - Build for Life Hackathon 2023


Anna Deeg

Nicholas Davine

Charlie Møller

Magnus Hansen

Astrid Nørgaard

In response to EFFEKT's evocative call for considering an alternative to economic growth at VELUX Build for Life Hackathon 2023, team Barefoot proposed an ambitious degrowth overview for attaining climate neutrality and social equity.

To center in on architectural implications, the degrowth strategy presented in this video focuses on revising existing residential space within urban infrastructure (as well as conventional conceptions of typical sizes) in order to live communally within planetary boundaries. We hope to have formulated a framework for initiating a discussion around existing systems and practices, and to have provided some tools that we as architects, engineers, and planners can utilize in our respective professional fields. The required transformation to stay within planetary boundaries asks us all to re-think and challenge 'business-as-usual' approaches - a move toward private sufficiency, and public luxury. The transformation is possible, however it requires that we all act immediately and collectively.