Nadim Stub, Anita Derjanez And Frederik Noltenius On Health (New)

2021 - Compass Stage


Nadim Stub, Anita Derjanez and Frederik Noltenius on Health


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Frederik Noltenius

CPH Village

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Anita Derjanez


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Nadim Stub


Nadim Stub from Proptech, Anita Derjanez from REHVA, and Frederik Noltenius from CPH Village present their work and their point of view on the value proposition of good indoor climate in buildings with a discussion following after the three inputs. 


Stub is the CEO and Managing Director of Prop tech Denmark, a new innovation hub and NGO for the business of real estate in Denmark. They work with four different pillars, including their community, a prop tech lab, a prop tech partner program, and a prop tech academy. In short they help the industry understand how technology can connect the entire value chain of real estate in a whole new way, and how to commercialize solutions like indoor climate, light, and so on.


Derjanez, an association of building services engineers, shared her take on the value proposition for healthy buildings and how to define it. She also mentioned COVID and how we can improve our buildings. She works with four main parameters of healthy indoor environments, which are energy efficiency, indoor air quality, indoor environmental quality and indoor water quality. There are European and international standards for healthy indoor environments.


Noltenius is the co-founder of Copenhagen, a startup doing student housing. They are reducing the environmental footprint, lowering rents and creating more community by building more compact private space and more rich shared spaces. According to him, they are now creating student housing that is 70% lower in carbon emissions per person than standard student housing.


In conclusion, one could say that we need to change the discourse and work together to make sustainable buildings that deliver healthy indoor environment. This requires transcend cross disciplinary cooperation with many different sectors and also good cases that are presented in this panel today.