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How do we design places for life – all life?


Mette Skjold

Mette Skjold

Architect, Partner & CEO


In the Build for Life Studio, Mette Skjold, CEO and partner at SLA architects, shows how we can increase the biodiversity in our urban spaces through inter-disciplinary input when developing our societies. By reconnecting the knowledge of nature with the design of cities, she addresses major global challenges of urbanization, climate crisis, and biodiversity extinction while creating livable, meaningful, and sustainable places for life - all life.


Mette Skjold is CEO and partner at SLA architects. For 30 years, SLA has designed places, nature, and cities that aim to put all things living – people, plants, and planet – first. Founded in 1994 as Stig L. Andersson Landscape Architects, SLA has evolved into an interdisciplinary nature-based design studio with a global presence and offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Oslo.