Cristián Izquierdo, José Fernando Gómez And Rick Joy On Daylight In Archite

2021 - Daylight Symposium

Daylight in Architecture

Cristián Izquierdo, José Fernando Gómez and Rick Joy on Daylight in Architecture (Americas)


Cristián Izquierdo Resized

Cristián Izquierdo, CL


Izquierdo Lehmann architects

Jose Fernando Portrait

José Fernando Gómez, EC


Natura Futura Arquitectura

Rick Joy Resize

Rick Joy, USA

Founder and Principal

Studio Rick Joy

Cristián Izquierdo from Izquierdo Lehmann architects (CL), José Fernando Gómez from Natura Futura Arquitectura (EC), and Rick Joy from Studio Rick Joy (USA) discuss in what way daylight shapes their architectural work. 


Izquierdo introduces four projects with a “central plan”, a model of architectural integrity. Concerning daylight, in their project they try to emphasize the communicating vessels between semantic and syntactic integrity by making a compact plant with a lot of perimeter. This is done by incorporating skylights in a wider system of mood reductions with the outside, and its realization differs slightly from project to project. 

Gómez comments on this symposium: “This session brings together the topics we've heard about so far, including light and health, computational design, and architecture in the Americas.”


Joy geographically contextualizes his work and describes the in American Southwest, daylight is dawning and what you often see is just an orange sunset, but it is actually a beautiful white light. He likes to teach people young people that being comprehensively observant is a good start. In his architecture Joy designs  to take advantage of the light events that occur in each of the three major program spaces: dining room, living room kitchen, bed, master bedroom, and a little den.


In the discussion only Iziquierdo and Joy participate and further dive further into the subject of daylight. They also discuss this symposium, which is the ninth daylight symposium, and how it brings together the topics of light and health, computational design, education, the pandemic, glare and controls, connection to the outdoors, and examples of daylight and architecture from Europe from the ages in from the Americas.