Aljosa Dekleva On Flexible Pecha Kucha

2021 - Compass Stage

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Aljosa Dekleva on Flexible | Pecha Kucha


Aljosa Dekleva Photo

Aljosa Dekleva

Dekleva & Gregoric Architects

Aljosa Dekleva from Dekleva & Gregoric Architects talks about a house that is context driven. 

According to Dekleva, there are two important points that were taken into consideration for this chimney house: the lifestyle  of the couple, who love to cook for their friends on a traditional local fire stove  and the specific location of where the house was build, that is Ljubljana, Slovenia – that is positioned on the crossroads of Europe: between East and West, North and South. The house defines the edge of the village, and establishes a new relationship with the 16th century church, which dominates the surrounding space. The house's floorplan is based on pushing all the cabinets and programs on the edge of the perimeter. He further elaborates on the materials used and what their significance and utility is.  In conclusion, Dekleva shares his creed as “challenging the obvious but also trying to create something specific for human beings”.