Ye Qing On Daylight In Architecture (Asia)
Daylight in Architecture

Ye Qing on Daylight in Architecture (Asia)


Ye Qing

Ye Qing (CN)


Shenzhen Institute of Building Research

Ye Qing is Chairman at the Shenzhen Institute of Building Research in China and talks elaborates on active sunlight practices for built environments. 

Qing talks about the first Chinese top level green building, which is the IVR headquarters. They explored the method of shearling design to realize this breathing building, it is 12 floors high and 58 meters tall. It has a stable energy consumption, which is important. The layout is designed to improve natural light,and therefore significantly reduce lamp use as much as possible, and provide a healthy environment for users. Qing then closes with a general statement about responsibility of individual, companies and nation-states in relation to carbon emission and calls for global actions.