New Living Places Book Shares a Recipe for Healthy Buildings

Since opening in 2023, Living Places has started a ripple effect across the building industry with an innovative approach to home construction that benefits both people and planet. Now, the recipe for the international award-winning project is made available in a new book “Living Places: Principles and Insights for a New Way of Thinking Buildings” published by the Danish Architectural Press. 

The publication of this book is another milestone in our commitment to sharing knowledge that shows why we need to adopt new building principles, adapt to a new way of thinking about buildings, and ultimately forge a new way forward.


In the words of Lars Kann-Rasmussen, who describes his thoughts on Living Places in the book’s preface, ‘through the power of the example and the experiment, it demonstrates the future of sustainable building construction today.’

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With increasing concerns around the pressing environmental crisis, there is a growing demand for sustainable construction and the construction industry has an undeniable responsibility to develop methodologies that accelerate the transition to a more sustainable and decarbonized practice. 

Living Places is an innovative approach to home con­struction that benefits both people and the planet. It is a viable model that thrives on collaboration.

The concept’s lessons demonstrate how to construct healthy buildings using readily available materials and technologies. Its scalability and feasibility aspire to influence the housing sector by assessing proto­types and integrating valuable knowledge into the construction industry at large. 

This book presents a comprehensive look at Living Places, including the voices of the project’s main partners, the data to be shared, and a description of the process and method of pushing innovation to cre­ate change where it is most needed. This book should be seen as a manual with the tools and insights to help start a dialogue on how to create projects that benefit a wide range of agendas.


David Bernard Hally, Ewa Wyszkowska, Kasper Benjamin Reimer Bjørkskov, Line Thorup Schultz, Lone Feifer, Nicole Di Santo, Shaun Weston Nystrom, Sinus Lynge, Steffen Maagaard, Tina Lund Højgaard

Edited by:

Kristoffer Lindhardt Weiss and Candela de Bortoli






19 x 25 cm, softcover

Release date: 

June 2024


€49/ 350 DKK



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