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The building industry accounts for one-third of global emissions. If we’re to build responsibly with the planet and human health in mind, it’s crucial we implement and scale low-carbon alternatives. 


In partnership with Artelia and EFFEKT, we set out to create an affordable housing typology with an ultra-low carbon footprint. The result is Living Places – an experimental living environment featuring Denmark’s lowest CO2 footprint and a first-class indoor climate.

Living Places includes seven full-scale prototypes – five open pavilions and two completed houses. Each prototype is curated to show the synergy between how we live in homes and communities. 


Built using existing technologies and materials, Living Places demonstrates that we do not have to wait for future technology to build far more sustainable homes that are healthy, affordable and beautiful to live in. We have everything we need – now it’s time to scale.

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Explore the Living Places houses, designed with a strong focus on the indoor climate through the five healthy building principles. Each material, design and building technique has been carefully considered to reduce environmental impact and improve human health.

Velux Living Places Timber Frame House Link
Timber frame Living Place

Explore this fully functional home in timber frame with natural ventilation and wood/wood windows.


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CLT Link (1)
CLT Living Place

Discover this fully functional home in cross-laminated timber with hybrid ventilation and wood/aluminium windows.

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