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Can we strengthen our sense of community by rethinking how we live?

As humans, we crave community. We want people with whom we can share – our lives, our experiences, our responsibilities. But over the years, we’ve become increasingly disconnected. We fill our lives and our homes with material goods, yet loneliness is at an all-time high. As our homes grow, so has the gap between us and our planet.


Living Places seeks to redesign our homes – and our communities – to better serve our human needs. Centred around the concept of shared living, we combine smaller private dwellings with communal spaces, resources, outdoor areas and amenities.

By fusing the principles of access over ownership with dense living, we encourage people to meet their neighbours and proactively engage in shaping their community.



From isolated homes to active communities

Shared living enables us to significantly reduce environmental impact and land-use, while creating healthy homes for the many.


By shrinking our private residences, we’ll also be able to reduce the costs associated with unused square meters and pool resources into common facilities that promote access over ownership.

Impact of the design

Shared living encourages active, dense communities, which in turn reduces land-use and environmental impact. 

A new breed of shared living

Studies reveal that community-based living delivers a long list of benefits for our health and the environment.


  •   77% reduction of environmental impact
  •   67% reduction of land use
  •   200% increase in density
  •   60% reduction of food waste
  •   91% report higher levels of happiness
  •   75% less likely to be lonely
  •   7x less dependent on social services