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Can a new way of building enable easy upgrades and a longer lifespan?

For centuries, we’ve built in a way that seems to follow a particular mantra: complexify – and then complexify some more.

But with Living Places, we’re bringing our built environment back to basics. Featuring a simple modular building system that requires little to no maintenance, we offer simple and efficient solutions for how the homes of the future should be built.


Each home can easily be upgraded, repaired, and fitted with smart appliances to suit changing needs. Reduced costs. Less waste. Longer lifespan. More freedom.

Bringing building back to basics

We started by stripping back the complexities and carefully considering how the different components of a building come together. Gone are the days of one-off setups and complicated construction processes.

With Living Places, prefabricated building elements can be mixed and matched to allow for quick and simple construction. And just as easily as it is assembled, each home can be pulled apart and retrofitted again and again – the ultimate in flexibility.

A simple and separated technical system

A vital part of the concept is the separation of technical systems and building systems.


Today, you’ll often see that these systems merged by building cables into the walls, casting the pipes in the foundation. This makes it difficult to repair and maintain technical systems, proving both expensive and inefficient.

That’s why we’re designing homes with separate the building and technical systems. This allows systems such as ventilation, solar, and water and energy-saving appliances to be easily repaired and replaced – and at a cheaper cost.

A holistic approach to building

Each and every element in our Living Places models has been carefully considered with sustainability and cost in mind.


By separating the building and technical systems, we’ve sought to create a simple system that reduces costs, labor, and waste production.

Thanks to our modular approach, our homes require minimal maintenance and can easily be upgraded, repaired and fitted with smart appliances.