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Owner & Ideator




Living Places Copenhagen Partners



Architects, Concept Partner


Effekt is a studio that specializes in the design and research of buildings. They comprise a diverse team based in Copenhagen ranging from architects, urban planners, and designers who provide innovative solutions within the built environment and natural systems. Effekt works with sustainability at the forefront of everything they do, and the company believes that buildings and cities must create a positive impact that people and the planet will benefit from far into the future.






Engineers, Concept Partner


Artelia is a Danish consulting engineering company founded in 1930 that spans multiple disciplines. It is a branch of the international consultancy, engineering and project management group Artelia Group, who specialize in building construction, infrastructure, water, and energy. Artelia undertakes a comprehensive array of consultancy roles within various engineering disciplines and holds a highly reputable position in their field.


Enemærke & Petersen



Enemærke & Petersen is a contracting construction firm that specializes in renovating social housing such as schools and institutions, as well as constructing new buildings to the highest quality. They are based in Denmark and have over 40 years of experience in the building industry. Enemærke & Petersen has built a strong reputation as a construction company that centers on resident dialogue and effective cooperation with their partners within the industry.

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DSB is a Danish rail transport company that was founded in 1885. The company prides itself on its ability to help hundreds of thousands of people across Denmark and Germany travel greener, and since their trains service major destinations it makes it easier to choose a green option instead of a car and reduce CO2 emissions. DSB has also set themselves the objective of going entirely climate neutral by 2050.


Copenhagen in Common
World Capital of Architecture 2023

Official Partner


The UNESCO-UIA has nominated Copenhagen as the World Capital of Architecture for 2023. Copenhagen is well known worldwide for its innovative urban development and tradition of sustainable architecture, so it came as little surprise when it received the nomination. The Copenhagen in Common exhibition at the Danish Architecture Centre aims to celebrate and showcase the wonder that the Danish capital has to offer with its unique architecture built around communities and active open spaces.

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UIA World Congress of Architects
Copenhagen 2023

Impact Partner


The UIA World Congress of Architects is a showpiece event for the building industry, highlighting the importance of building a sustainable future and acting as a platform for discussing how it can be done. This multifaceted event hosted several companies, including Velux, that work within the built environment and consisted of intriguing talks, tours, and exhibitions, among other activities.

Compass Partners


ACT Colour

Colour concept, Textiles, Surfaces


ACT Colour was founded in 2020 by colour and textile designer Margrethe Odgaard, along with her partners Fanni Baudo and Vibeke Snedgaard. The company aims to merge colour theory with practice, employing extensive research about colour in the fields of architecture and design. ACT Colour uses colour-setting tools made from natural minerals and organic pigments that are logical and intuitively accessible.




Bolig Lab

Bolig Laboratorium Eksperiment Viden

Exhibition of 7 Experimental Housing Projects


The Residential Laboratory Experiment is an initiative that aims to come up with new proposals for housing in the future. The Experiment explores how the construction industry greenhouse gas emissions in Denmark can be reduced and how radically new ways of building and living can respond to various challenges. Bolig Laboratorium has selected seven housing projects to serve as experiments that will constitute real examples of how to rethink housing in Denmark.

John Mardaljevic

Baneby Konsortiet

Exhibition on Future Railway District


Baneby Konsortiet (Baneby Consortium) aims to build one of the world’s healthiest urban areas in Jernbanebyen, central Copenhagen called The Railway City. The consortium’s ambition is to build a green district that minimizes cars and the CO2 footprint it leaves behind. It will be 365,000 sqm filled with nature in the form of parks and football fields. This new district will provide Copenhagen residents the opportunity to live and work within a sustainable, healthy, fresh air environment.



Exhibition on 'Neighborhoods for Generations'


Landsbyggefonden (The National Building Fund), founded in 1967, plays a significant role in Denmark’s social housing sector. It is an independent institution that financially supports and develops social housing, as well as offering a wealth of expert knowledge, statistics, and tools. The Fund achieves this by sustaining itself with various funds within the sector.



Nature, Biodiversity & Gardens


Fælleshaven’s main objective focuses on connecting Danish companies with the natural environment and ensuring we can reap all the benefits of being near to nature. They collaborate with ambitious companies to transform outdoor areas, prioritizing biodiversity along with employee wellbeing and proliferating a better understanding of the nature that sustains us.



Architecture Programme Curators


CAFx, or the Copenhagen Architecture Festival, began in 2014 and enjoys the status of Scandinavia’s largest annual architecture festival. The festival features films, debates, talks, exhibitions and more, aiming to address vital architectural questions. Beyond the festival, CAFx boasts an online journal and digital archive. It also became an association in 2022, inviting people to become members and support their mission for a sustainable urban future. CAFx runs a series of cross-disciplinary projects with various national and international partners, with a focus on tackling environmental and social challenges both locally and on a global scale.

Compass Suppliers





Stykka is a Danish company that specializes in sustainable interiors and furniture. The company have set out to stop materials from ending up in landfills or being incinerated and to do so, Stykka designs and manufactures high-quality and long-lasting kitchens made of FSC-certified plywood. They design their circular products to remain in the home for many decades and with the capacity to be disassembled and rebuilt into new furniture down the line.






Montana Furniture is a family-owned furniture company from Denmark that was established in 1982. They offer sustainably designed products that are all personalized according to customer request. Montana offers homeowners the opportunity to choose from many possibilities with their six colour styles and total of 43 colours.





Mater, named after ‘mother’ in Latin owing to their appreciation of ‘mother earth’, is a furniture design company founded in Copenhagen. The company has cleverly combined circular production using waste with timeless design, harnessing years of research into ways of building sustainable furniture. Mater boasts the ambition to inspire and engage an international design audience into thinking sustainably. In their work, Mater collaborates with both well-established and new design talents and ensures that all their production partners share the same ethical ideals.





Kvadrat was established in Denmark in 1968 deeply rooted in Scandinavia’s world-famous design tradition. Kvadrat produces quality contemporary textiles and textile-related products for architects, designers and private consumers across the world. They collaborate with leading designers, architects, and artists to create innovative, high-quality, and aesthetic textiles. The company also values a sustainable approach to making their products that commits to transparency in all aspects of their business.

Louis Poulsen Logo.Jpg

Louis Poulsen

Indoor lighting


Louis Poulsen is a Danish lighting manufacturer that was established in 1874. It was born out of the Scandinavian design tradition whereby form follows function. They tailor the function and design of their products around natural light, so that every detail in the design has a specific purpose that relates to this fundamental aspect. Louis Poulsen craft their products from high-quality materials that are built to last while working alongside architects, engineers, and lighting designers.

Urban Help

Urban Help

Facility Support


Urban Help provides cozy coworking spaces across Copenhagen. They use old and forgotten buildings and renovate them into new, functional spaces for lease commercially. They design their spaces with both small and large companies in mind while prioritizing modern facilities and unique-looking spaces with high ceilings that are purposefully built for the optimal work environment.