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Floor overview

LKR Innovation House comes to life through a series of spaces, each working together and independently. There is a natural flow throughout the building, giving rise to informal meeting spots and workspaces that synchronize to create a sense of community. All the spaces are equal in placement and visible from the moment you arrive, creating a hub that is both welcoming and easy to navigate.


The future workspace

The future workspace 1



Daylight, fresh air, and greenery are key to LKR Innovation House. As well as representing a core part of VELUX’s sustainability strategy, incorporating nature into the building design brings positive benefits to health and wellbeing.

The future workspace 2



All employees have the right to a safe and healthy working environment. It’s important to us to create a space that is inclusive and diverse – one that nurtures a sense of belonging. A healthy indoor climate filled with daylight and fresh air is also key to good mental and physical health.

The future workspace 3



A mixture of project rooms, informal working stations, and flexible and fixed seating offers variation and privacy. Employees are welcome to adjust their working environment based on their desires and needs.

The future workspace 4



We aim to foster innovation and collaboration through high quality facilities and variation in spaces and amenities that support employees to do their best work.

The future workspace 5


Digital platform

A series of digital components enable effectiveness, simplicity, and usability throughout LKR Innovation House. A key focus is encouraging knowledge sharing and remote work for all employees.

The future workspace 6



LKR Innovation House has been created to be easy, affordable, and intuitive. Easy in terms of function and usability; affordable to construct, operate and maintain; and intuitive for all those that come in contact with it.