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A strong team
with a broad range of competencies

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Praksis arkitekter

Praksis work with adaptations, conversions, and transformations – which is a recurring type of task – over new residential houses to larger collective facilities and buildings. In all of them, there is an in-depth understanding and competence for both classical architectural and craft knowledge as well as for a radicalised and artistically highly gifted form and material awareness. Through it, Praksis finds and creates its own authentic architectural style. They take us back into history, through tradition, and into the future.

Bestyrelsesformand Frank Jensen Og Adm. Direktør Ulrik Fink



Søren Jensen

Søren Jensen - the consulting engineering company where hardcore engineering knowledge and the latest technology are combined with passion and dreams. Our ambition is to lead the way - it motivates and inspires us.


We are curious and have the courage to challenge the norm and dream of the new. This creates progress both personally and professionally.


Builders and business partners must demand and gain value from our passion, knowledge, culture, technology and organization.

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Spatial design



BRIQ is a Copenhagen-based design agency working in the fields of architecture, spatial design, and visual communication. Our mission is to create spaces that bring people together to live, work, and socialise. We design spaces of all kinds and sizes across both the public and private realms. We approach each task knowing that deeply understanding a specific place is vital to securing long-lasting and meaningful design.


Landscape architecture



DETBLÅ works with architecture and landscapes in town and country with a focus on holistic solutions. We have broad experience in working with cultural heritage, restoration, cultural environment, transformation, and urban space.

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KG Hansen

Karl Georg Hansen founded his construction company in Grindsted in 1910.


Along the way, we have been committed to Hansen's principles of good craftsmanship, orderliness, and honest dialogue. That is why we stand today stronger than ever.


We carry out new construction and renovation, primarily in the role of main and general contractor. Our references are versatile and include both homes, businesses, institutions, sports facilities etc. Our backbone is the craftsmanship skills. We have a large in-house production within concrete and brickwork - and we are proud of that.


KG Hansen has been owned by the KG Foundation since 1979, which supports a number of non-profit organizations.