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Build for Life is founded on the understanding that the way we build today has an enormous impact on people, and the ecosystems that sustain us.


As part of our sustainability strategy at VELUX, we focus on how buildings can help resolve global climate and health challenges through sustainable solutions and practical action.


We are doing this through Build for Life – a pioneering, multidisciplinary initiative that reconnects people and the planet through healthier, more sustainable buildings. With this initiative, we’ll share the insights we have gathered through 80 years of experience and partnerships with leading industry experts on the subject of daylight and fresh air design.


Through Build for Life, we’re rethinking how we build today and in the future.

What if our buildings could be healthy for both people and the planet?


Living Places is an experimental building project developed in partnership with EFFEKT and MOE, offering a sustainable approach to construction that builds in harmony with nature, instead of against it.


The project offers a living lab for VELUX and partners to push boundaries, inspire new ideas and investigate new solutions for the future of construction and living. Based on five key principles which can be applied to any home, community or city, we seek to create homes that are scalable, affordable and commercially viable.

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Living Places

Our knowledge centre is where you can get inspired and pick the brains of some of the industry’s leading experts. You can explore all the knowledge from inspiring interviews, in depth articles, and lots of inspiring video content that aim to change the way we build. And this is just the beginning!


Join us today for all the inspiration.

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Explore the knowledge

Last November, VELUX hosted the inaugural Build for Life Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. The global event brings together architects, builders, engineers, designers, planners and other industry professionals in an effort to accelerate the development of better building strategies.


The conference featured a series of keynote presentations by thought-leaders, as well as panel discussions on relevant innovations in the areas of building design, technology, sustainability and health.


More than 24.0000 viewers joined the event from all over the world over the course of three days.


Build for Life Conference

Since 2005, the Daylight Symposium has explored the power of daylight to create healthy and resilient buildings. Last year, more than 40 leaders in daylight research and practice come together to answer a single, critical question: can we bridge the gap between daylight research and practice for the good of people and planet?

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Daylight Symposium

Daylight is by far our most sustainable source of light, energy and well-being – so how do we make it a natural part of new architecture?


For almost two decades, DAYLIGHT & ARCHITECTURE has inspired both students of architecture and seasoned professionals to explore the benefits of daylight.


Its new website not only features a free online library of stunning editorial, thought-provoking lectures and research-based knowledge; it’s also home to the International VELUX Award, inviting students to explore the role of daylight in building design.

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Daylight & Architecture