02 May 2024

Living Places Copenhagen Re-opens with Family Day Fun

A1A2033 By Lasse Bak Mejlvang

Photo: Lasse Bak Mejlvang

The 20th of April offered an opportunity for us to get together with families and friends to experience some fun in the sun at Living Places Copenhagen for Family Day—the perfect way to celebrate its re-opening!

The day featured a diverse program that included activities for all ages focused on sustainability as well as stimulating talks by Sara Martinsen, Signe Wenneberg, and Kristoffer Weiss.

Activities for All

Among the activities was a garden workshop by Fælleshaven that taught attendees how to germinate seeds and showcased a seed collection with an entire world of seeds to discover. 


Meanwhile, Bybi hosted a Honey Ceremony to support biodiversity by planting flowers for pollinating insects. They also offered the chance to taste honey from various parts of the city and to create a personalised honey jar to take home. 

A New Way of Looking at Living Places 

In her talk, Danish Designer Sara Martinsen told the story of the new Materials Exhibition, open now at Living Places Copenhagen.  


The exhibition offers a look into the materials that were used to make the prototypes which boast an optimal indoor climate coupled with an ultra-low carbon footprint. It provides visitors with a new dimension of the concept and prototypes, allowing you to see and touch the different layers. 

The Second Season Has Arrived 

Since its initial opening one year ago, over 9000 visitors have experienced Living Places Copenhagen on guided tours and another 7500 through the virtual tour.  


Now, you can also step inside the fully functional prototypes, go on a guided tour of the local area to learn about its architecture and cultural heritage, and explore the brand-new Materials Exhibition to get further insight into the materials that are used to construct these healthy buildings. 


We look forward to a second season full of inspiring events that focus on how we can benefit both people and the planet. 


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