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Living Places Copenhagen is open and waiting for you to explore! Come down to Jernbanebyen and experience the experiment for yourself. 

The site is open to the public 24/7 with access to the open pavilions and surrounding area. 

If you want to explore the interior of the full scale houses, you'll have to join one of the many private or public tours

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In-depth tour of Living Places & the architectural transformation of Jernbanebyen facilitated by ScaleDenmark


Jernbanebyen is a former `hidden` workshop area for Danish State rail in Copenhagen. The future new Green neighbourhood will be a landmark for sustainable urban development. Recently the first student tenants has moved in side by side with wooden hangars transformed into social venues for social dining. We explore the unique atmospheres on a 4 hour walking tour through new transformations and temporary projects amongst others:


Duration: ½-day (4 hours)

Participants: Maximum 25 persons

Target group: Industry professionals and politicians

Language: DA / DE / EN / FR

Price: €1250 + 25% VAT per group




Jernbanebyen: past, present, and future facilitated by CPH:Cool



Come join CPH:Cool on a 1,5 hours guided tour around The Railway District and learn about the site's industrial past, mushrooming present and visionary future life. On the way we will introduce you to the future development plans of the area, which is going to be converted into a new residential and creative part of Copenhagen. And  we will tell about the daily life and routines of the railway workers and the listed buildings' industrial heritage. Some of them are already housing a variety of innovative activities. On the tour we will of course also invite you to see some of the interiors of the LIving Places, and give you an introduction to the visionary thoughts behind them.


Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Participants: Maximum 25 persons

Target group: All Interested in architecture

Language: DA / EN / NO / SV

Price: 4000 DKK



Living Places: 1-hour guided tour



Book Finn Arup for a group tour of Living Places with focus on the vision and the way to get there. Experience the community spirit and get a deeper understanding of the choices made to reduce climate impact to a third of the average, while improving indoor climate. The concept is scalable and affordable. Get the full story in the 1-hour tour for maximum 15 people.


Duration: 60 minutes

Participants: Maximum 15 persons

Target group: All Interested in architecture

Language: DA / EN 

Price: from 2000 DKK + 25% VAT per group



On our FAQ page you will find the questions that we receive most often in relation to Living Places Copenhagen. If you have a question that does not appear here, you are welcome to contact us.

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VELUX employees & project partners

For VELUX employees and project partners, contact your local BoligVærkstedet/Living Places Copenhagen contact person.

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Living Places Copenhagen is located at Jernbanebyen, the old Danish rail district in Copenhagen.

Address: Otto busses vej 29A, 2450 Copenhagen