Living Places

If you can’t make it to Copenhagen to see Living Places in person, use our interactive tool to take a virtual tour. Explore every corner of the seven prototypes from afar and get a deeper insight into the details of the project.

Tour the Living Places Pavilions

Building 1
01: Resource

Practical and operational activities at Living Places including storage and energy harvesting from solar cells.


Building 2
02: Hygge House

Fully functional home in timber frame with natural ventilation and wood/wood windows.


Building 3
03: Tracks

A space for smaller meetings, events and workshops.



Building 4
04: Materials / The Housing Lab

Exhibition on housing experiments.



Building 5
05: Haven House

Fully functional home in cross-laminated timber (CLT) with hybrid ventilation and wood/aluminium windows.


Building 6
06: Events

A space for events, meetings, workshops and larger gatherings.


Building 7
07: Info

Exhibition on future living.