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Children’s Living Places

Initiated by SOS Children’s Villages Denmark, Children’s Living Places will house children displaced by the war in Ukraine. It comprises three clusters of low-carbon, healthy homes, where children will live with foster families, receive psychosocial support and have access to shared recreational spaces.


Learn more about the work of SOS Children’s Villages.



Ukraine has one of the highest rates of children living in institutional care in Europe and the war has damaged or destroyed more than 10% of the housing stock. 


Children’s Living Places serves as a lighthouse project, showing how to combine social sustainability principles with low-carbon housing design. The project aims to create a better alternative to what was available before the war. The long-term goal is to provide better care for children lacking parental support and to deinstitutionalise childcare using holistic solutions.

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Responsibility to Rebuild More Sustainably

In the coming years, Ukraine faces a huge task to rebuild the country. In doing so, it is important to pursue healthy and sustainable housing solutions right from the start. This requires using the highest quality and most sustainable building materials and standards available.


The VELUX Group is contributing to the rebuilding of Ukraine through Living Places. This healthy, sustainable and scalable housing concept can help rebuild the country in a way that will benefit both the people and climate in the Ukraine.


VELUX is proud to partner with SOS Children’s Villages Denmark and share our knowledge about affordable, sustainable, and livable buildings through our Living Places concept.


The Living Places concept shows how existing materials, techniques and technologies can be used to build homes of the future that have a three times lower CO2 footprint than standard newly built homes in Denmark and a first-class indoor climate.  


Watch VELUX CEO Lars Petersson share his thoughts about Children’s Living Places.

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Sharing the Benefits of Living Places

The buildings in the Children’s Living Places project as well as the living space layout will be designed following the five key principles of the Living Places concept: that homes should be healthy, adaptive, simple, shared over time, and scalable. The concept has been scaled and adapted to fit the needs of the project and the local context in Ukraine to ensure that the new homes for the foster children will have an improved indoor climate and low CO2 footprint.

Watch the video to understand how the Living Places concept is helping SOS Children’s Villages Ukraine.

Living Places Principles

Icons Healthy

Healthy principle

Benefiting both people and planet, through the careful selection of materials, building techniques, utilities, and design configuration of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Icons Shared

Shared principle

Strengthening the sense of community by combining private dwellings with shared spaces, resources, outdoor areas, and amenities.

Icons Simple

Simple principle

Offering a simple modular building system that requires little to no maintenance and can easily be upgraded, repaired and fitted with smart appliances.

Icons Adaptive

Adaptive principle

Creating a scalable solution that responds to the needs for more ways of living.

Icons Scalable

Scalable principle

By creating homes that challenge the way we design, plan, and finance homes we can unlock housing for the many.

Concept To Fit Local Needs


A Concept that Fits Local Needs

In Ukraine, there is a need to initiate both short and long-term projects to help rebuild housing stock. The Children's Living Places project demonstrates that the Living Places concept can be scaled and adapted to fit different needs and local contexts.


Watch the video to hear the thoughts of Market Director from VELUX Ukraine, Yuri Tkachenko, and learn more about the situation in Ukraine and how Living Places can contribute to rebuilding the country.

Coming Together

The VELUX Group is supporting the Children’s Living Places project as part of a broad coalition of partners from the building industry. As part of our support, The VELUX Group has entered an agreement with SOS Childrens Villages Denmark that shares the in-depth knowledge gained through the Living Places concept and a license to build the new care environments following the Living Places principles. In addition, VELUX Ukraine has entered an in-kind donation agreement with SOS Ukraine to donate windows to the new buildings.