Pandemics Daylight Symposium Edited
Pandemics Daylight Symposium Edited

Bridging Research and Practice

The 9th VELUX Daylight Symposium will take place from 15 to 19 November 2021 as a series of live digital events.

The main theme of this year’s Daylight Symposium was `Bridging Research and Practice.’

Speakers on this stage addresses the following topics: New applications of daylight, with a focus on benefits for people and the environment, Best practices for architectural daylighting with regard to connecting people with nature, tools, metrics, legislation and systems for evaluating the daylight quality and performance, the role of daylight during pandemics and beyond, and the future of daylight education.​

As in the past, the goal of this year’s Daylight Symposium was to encourage the sharing of scientific knowledge and practical applications by interlinking disciplines that are usually addressed in separated spheres and professional circles.​

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Daylight Education 2 Daylight Symposium Edited
Natalia Giraldo Vasquez Daylight Symposium Edited
Light And Health Session Edited

15 NOVEMBER 2021

10:00 – 10:30

"How can buildings create wellbeing for people & planet?"
Introduction by David Briggs, CEO VELUX Group 

10:30 – 12:10

"Recommendations for healthy daily light exposure: scientific basis and applicability”
Timothy Brown, University of Manchester (UK)

“The non-visual effects on human physiology and behaviour: From principles to practice” 
Manuel Spitschan, University of Oxford (UK)

“Challenging the balance of power: Using research and knowledge to design lit spaces.”
Andrew Bissell, Cundall Light4 (UK)

“Training the integrative light designers and researchers of the future”
Yvonne de Kort, Eindhoven University of Technology (NL)


13:00 – 15:00

“Why Research Matters in Architecture Next Generation of Daylight Analysis”
Jakob Strømann-Andersen, Henning Larsen Architects (DK)

“Democratising the Access to High Fidelity, Design Process Integrated Daylight Simulation in the Aec Through Open Bim and the Web”
Franz Forsberg, dataTrees (NO)

“Predicting Daylight on an Urban Scale” 
Nicolaj Hostrup Langkjær,  C.F. Møller Architects (DK) & Love Berger-Vieweg, KANOZI Architects (SE)

“Daylight Simulation Beyond a Grid of Points”
Stephen Wasilewski, Hochschule Luzern & EPFL (CH)

"Faster and More Complex: Advancing Daylight Simulations for Design, Health and Comfort"
Alstan Jakubiec, University of Toronto (CA)

15:30 – 17:00

“Build for Light/Build for Life”
Louis Becker, Henning Larsen (DK)

“Designing with ligh”
Boudewijn Thomas, MVRDV NEXT

Chris Precht, Studio Precht (AT)

16 NOVEMBER 2021

10:00 – 12:00

"The Weight of Light"
Li Hu, OPEN Architecture (CN) 

"In harmony with nature: active sunlight practices for built environment"
Ye Qing, Shenzhen Institute of Building Research (CN)


"Daylight-dominated architectural design of large-space buildings"
Sun Yimin, South China University of Technology (CN)

"Climate Action Through Design Towards Carbon Neutrality by 2030 Wellness in Workplace and Architecture"
Joerg Lonkwitz, Gensler (CN)

"Strategies of Implementation of Daylighting in Four Bamboo Projects in China"
Song Yehao, Tsinghua University; Co-Founder, SUP Atelier (CN)

12:30 – 14:00

"Daylight, Sunlight & Indoor Pathogens”
Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, University of Oregon (USA)

“Drawing the View From Your Window: Workshops Exploring Windows, Place and Wellbeing During Lockdown” 
Nicole Porter, University of Nottingham (UK)

“Drawing Daylight: An Analysis Of Daily Views From One Residential Window During Lockdown” 
Ayesha Batool, University of Nottingham (UK) 

“Working and studying from home: are our daylight conditions adequate for it?” 
Natalia Giraldo Vasquez, Technical University of Denmark (DK)


"Lock the Clock: The Effects of Social Restrictions on Daily Timing, Sleep and Wellbeing"
Till Roenneberg, MU Munich (DE)


14:30 – 16:00

“Daylighting Design: Bridging the Gap Between Performance and Planning” 
John Mardaljevic, Daylight Experts Ltd (UK)

“Early-Design Daylight Compliance Prediction Method Derivation Of Maximum Allowable Room Depth From Façade Daylight Metrics” 
Alejandro Pacheco Diéguez, White Arkitekter (SE) & Marie-Claude Dubois, Lund University (SE)

“Daylight for Regeneration: Digital Design at urban and architectural scales for performance and well being" 
Arlind Dervishaj, ARCO Architecture Company (FI)

“Assessing Daylight Provision Calculations in EN 17037” 
Cosmin Ticleanu, BRE (UK)

16:30 – 18:00

“Does Glazing Color Influence Our Perception Of Discomfort Glare From Daylight? ” 
Sneha Jain, EPFL (CH)

“TU Delft Co-Creation Centre: A Fully Glazed Living Lab for Indoor Environmental Quality Testing” 
Eleonora Brembilla, Delft University of Technology (NL)

“HDR Sky Imaging For Real Time Control Of Facades” 
Christian Humann, Halio (USA)

17 NOVEMBER 2021

10:00 – 11:30

"mage-based Characterization of View in Virtual Reality"
Mandana Sarey Khanie, Technical University of Denmark (DK)

"Cultural Perspectives in View Quality Assessment: Testing Adaptive Responses to Urban Views in a VR Experiment"
Francisca Rodriguez, Queensland University of Technology (AU)

"Human-centric Measures of Gaze Behaviour in Urban and Natural Views"
Ayesha Batool, University of Nottingham (UK)

"The Benefits of Windows: A Scoping Review and Research Agenda for the effects of Daylight and View Content on Health and Wellbeing"
Femke Beute, LightGreen Health (NO)

12:30 – 13:30

"Photobiological Impacts of Arctic Daylighting and Seasonal Photoperiods on Designing Daylit Spaces ”
Mojtaba Parsaee, Laval University (CA)

“A Person-Luminous Environment (P-LE) Fit Framework for Aging in Place” 
Veronica Garcia-Hansen, Queensland University of Technology (AU)

“Spatial and Temporal Changes of Chromatic Light Fields in Natural Scenes” 
Cehao Yu, Delft University of Technology (NL)


14:000 – 15:30

“Daylight in Architecture in Educational Programs” 
Per Arnold Andersen, VELUX Group (DK)

“Democratising Light: Merging Resource Production and Living ” 
Henry Glogau, GXN Innovation (DK)

“A Call for Action and Learning: Architecture Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals” 
Natalie Mossin, The Royal Danish Academy (DK)

“NLITED, an ePlatform for Daylight Education” 
Natalia Sokol, Gdansk University of Technology (PL) & Federica Giuliani, University 
Niccolò Cusano (IT)

"Supporting research by PhD students" 
Steve Fotios, University Of Sheffield (UK)

16:00 – 17:30

“Central Plans after the Dome” 
Cristián Izquierdo, Izquierdo Lehmann architects (CL)

“Invisible City: the Identity of Suburbs” 
José Fernando Gómez, Natura Futura Arquitectura (EC)

“Identity through the Grounding of Experience in Place” 
Rick Joy, Studio Rick Joy (USA)


17:30 – 18:00

Wrap-up and closure
Keith Riddle, VELUX Group

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Mogens Dahl Koncertsal

The hidden venue in the heart of Islands Brygge is guested by world-renowned musicians and the world's largest companies. 

The old building is from 1901 and was originally a barn building and the gate house for Hertz Book Manufacturer. The main building is now the headquarter of the Danish design brand Vipp. In what is now the concert hall stood the horses and horse wagons stabled and parked ready to bring books and prints to the citizens and businesses in Copenhagen.

Since then, the building has undergone many changes, and for a long period it housed car workshops and car painter companies. The old garages are now the “Small hall”, where guests can enjoy a glass of wine during the concert break.


All talks are now available to watch or revisit for everyone. We hope to spark interest in becoming a part of the next symposium.

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