05 Jul 2023

VELUX: Future Living Places


There is a general agreement that our built world should become climate neutral. But, how construction will have to change to make this future a reality is still uncertain. At the same time, the economic and social framework for construction and especially for housing construction are changing. Components, building products, and building systems are being reused, and this is accompanied by a new ethic of design and construction and a new aesthetic of architecture. 

We ask ourselves, what are the new parameters and models for the creation of housing for future generations in an urban context and in all other scales? How buildings can help resolve global climate and health challenges through sustainable solutions and practical action, that promote low carbon footprint, liveability and societal cohesion? What are the investment models that allow sustainable, people centric development of new and existing buildings? What is the sustainable house of the future?



  • Boris Schade-Bünsow Editor in Chief (Bauwelt)
  • Claire McManus (JFOC Architects, Housing Spokesperson for the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland)
  • Elizabeth Endres (Professor at Technische Universität, Institut für Bauklimatik und Energie der Architektur (IBEA))
  • Sinus Lynge(Partner, EFFEKT Architects)
  • Lars Petersson (The VELUX Group, CEO)



About the partnership between VELUX and the UIA World Congress of Architects 

As part of VELUX Group commitment to accelerating sustainable development, expressed in Group`s 2030 sustainability strategy – In 2023 VELUX Group has taken up on a role of Impact Partner to the UIA World Congress of Architects in Copenhagen. Our partnership with UIA is based on a shared goal of driving green transition of the building industry towards development of sustainable buildings by fostering dialogue and bringing together global opinion leaders and important stakeholders from all sectors of the industry. Through this partnership, we aim to inspire and encourage the exchange of ideas amongst industry partners, leading the way towards a more sustainable building environment that benefits both people and the planet. 

As an Impact Partner, VELUX Group will focus on three key topics:

- Sustainability in a global context
- Housing of the future
- The next generation of industry professionals