06 Jun 2024

LKR Innovation House hits next big milestone, on track to open in early 2025

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The LKR Innovation House has reached its next big milestone after establishing all load bearing timber construction inside the building.

Close to 400 cubic meters of wood has now been established in the LKR Innovation House. The timber construction is unique in its aesthetics while also possessing an important function for the building, with its grid structure design that enables a flexible and adaptable layout throughout the building. The grid allows one to compartmentalise the space or expand it into zones tailored to varying requirements over time.


Esben Haubjerg, Program Manager of LKR Innovation House, shared his thoughts on the benefits offered by the grid structure: 


“The grid layout is very special. Not only does it look great, but it also enables the building to adapt to our continuous changing needs and allows for flexibility in how we use the space for different purposes.”



Throughout its construction, LKR Innovation House has navigated a logistical puzzle that posed the question of how to incorporate new structures within an old framework. The timing of each process had to be planned and executed meticulously. The process began in the rear end of the building, where the laboratory areas are situated, and steadily progressed towards the front end of the house, where the foyer is located. This strategic approach ensured that the grid was assembled in the correct sequence and worked to seamlessly fit the new structures into the old framework.



“In our construction project, fitting new structures into an existing warehouse has been challenging. The old building’s dimensional and geometric tolerance variability exceed current standards, which required numerous adaptations to meet today’s requirements. Reaching this important milestone has therefore demanded a lot of planning and logistical challenges.”

Martin Lyskjær Nielsen, Facility Manager of LKR Innovation House



As the project now transitions to its next phase, the focus shifts to the interior details and landscaping. The immediate work will involve installing partition walls and technical systems inside the building, while the work outside will focus on creating a 'forest parking' concept, landscaping the entrance area, and planting trees and greenery in the two courtyards at the heart of the building.



Looking to the future, Esben Haubjerg said:


“It’s great to see that the construction is moving along according to schedule, where we expect to move into the building in the beginning of 2025.” 
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