04 Nov 2022

Living Places is now third party verified

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At Building Green Copenhagen, Lone Feifer, architect and Director of Sustainable Buildings at VELUX shared the official carbon footprint of Living Places. The result was 3x lower than in an average Danish single family house at 3.85 kg CO2 eq/m2/year with third party verification from AAU BUILD - The Department of the Built Environment.




Living Places is elaborated in in an experimental spirit; at VELUX, we believe that one experiment is better than 1000 expert assumptions. Living places is a proof of our concept. You should not just say that buildings must be sustainable - you should show how, and lead the way in partnerships,”

- said Lone Feifer.




With an experimental mindset, VELUX, MOE Engineers and EFFEKT Architects have carefully considered each material, design and building technique for Living Places and mapped their projection for emissions against the typical Danish reference house. Throughout the process, evaluations of the total environmental impact of the building through Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) have been conducted.

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VELUX Living Places Build Green Key Visual